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Why Is DigiGold Your Cup Of Tea?

Rather than telling you, it’s your cup of tea because of its purity, security, affordability, accessibility, & high liquidity, let us start with a positive quote.

“The desire for gold is not for gold. It is for the means of freedom & benefit” Credits to Ralph Waldo Emerson, a Harvard graduate & one of the greatest writers the world has ever witnessed.

Especially in India, we know for generations gold has been passed as a store of value by parents to their children during their weddings.

But have you ever tried to find out why?

Dear reader, let’s accept the fact that our parents are much smarter than us when it comes to saving. You’ll find out that since they don’t want to bother you by giving cash in times of uncertainty, they’ve automated the phenomena by giving you gold in advance.

This is because they are already aware of gold as hedging the rollercoaster rides of economy & you should be aware too.

Yes, we know, you are too busy for the hassle of buying gold for systematic savings. That is the reason why Digital Gold is so significant now!

Digitalization of the whole process will not only let you buy 24k pure gold but also sell the same & encash from the comfort of your home.

So, without moving here & there, let’s get straight into the blog. The top 5 reasons why Digital Gold is the ideal way of saving your wealth & watch it grow.

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  1. Affordability 
  2. Guaranteed Purity
  3. Security 
  4. Accessibility 
  5. High Liquidity 
  6. The Last sip



Here’s to the ones that ask, why the digital gold price is high/costly. It’s a myth!

Not only Digital Gold but all previous digitization, whether in shopping, travel, or ticketing, have been designed to address a problem at a reasonable price.

Similarly, Digital Gold is here to solve a problem & not to create one. If you ask how?

Well, Digital Gold is able to offer products that are affordable at prices prevailing in the market. Due to that, it cuts all the middlemen & directly delivers to your doorstep.

Secondly, there is no minimum amount you need to purchase. As in the case of physical gold, you need to pay a minimum ticket size of 1gm.

This means, that you can literally start your savings journey by buying Digital Gold worth Re. 1, (less than your cup of tea). Sounds absurd, but true!!



Unlike physical gold, where you need to roam around to find a trusted buyer for the desired quality, Digital Gold is a more organized industry & provides you with the prolific quality that is guaranteed on paper with certifications of 24k purity, ISO & Hallmark.

All these, from the comfort of your home. Feels just beyond better, doesn’t it?



Now, coming to the security point of view. Imagine, you hold 100 grams of gold, which is stored at your home (i.e. worth more than 5 Lakhs, my friend).

Think of a reunion holiday road trip you planned with college friends. Will you be able to leave your home without worrying & checking everything at least 10 times?

Even though your heart stays on the trip, your mind will be at your home replaying all the clips of you checking all the doors again.

Not anymore! Because this is where Digital Gold signifies its importance. As you can not only buy the gold online but also hold it in insured vaults under your name until you need a physical delivery.

Wondering about the hassle of selling? No need to worry, as Digital Gold also allows you to sell it on the same platform at a spot price & encash your amount directly in your bank.



Just dream of a store that offers its services 24/7 by 365. Now come back to reality, because your wish just came true..!!

That store will go nowhere, but will always stay in your pocket whenever you need it. All you need to do is just click to download the DigiGold app & it’ll provide you 24/7 by 365-day service.

Still, one question remains unsolved in your head, “What if I need a delivery somewhere else?”

Don’t worry dear reader, we’ve already sorted that part out for you & you can always take physical delivery of your digital gold PAN India. Happy?


High Liquidity

An interesting thing about gold is that it doesn't know you own it, yet always comes savior in need. And if you have got a modern version of gold a.k.a. Digital Gold, then it will your friend indeed. 

What’s the baseline you ask?

Look at the price of gold in world tensions, the corona crisis, the 2008 market crash, or any other bust of the global economy. You’ll always see gold has always supported people.

Digital Gold offers you high marketing ability to buy and sell, gold & silver at the best rates available.


The Last Sip

Due to a proven track record of stable growth and zillions of wealth creation stories in the past, gold has been regarded as safe as heaven for millennia. Being an Indian, we know this fact more than any other nation in the world. That is the reason why, as per the price of gold on 17th may 2019 gold the value of the holdings (25,000 tonnes) would be as much as $1,135 billion, or the equivalent of more than 40% of India’s nominal gross domestic product (GDP) in FY19.

If this was an eye-opening blog for you, then it’s our time to rethink & redefine this statement for India being the smartest young minds, setting a trend for siping (systematic investment planning) in DigiGold.

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Why Is DigiGold Your Cup Of Tea?

Rather than telling you, it’s your cup of tea because of its purity, security, affordability, accessibility, & high liquidity, let us start with a positive quote.