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For Security reason , to buy silver we’ll need to verify your PAN details.

Frequently asked questions

What is the eligibility criterion for DigiGold?

Any resident Indian with a valid PAN Card/Form 60 and a Bank Account in their name can enrol for DigiGold

Do you charge for storage of my gold?

DigiGold offers free storage for up to1 year, after which we reserve the right to charge a yearly nominal fee for the storage of your gold, which shall be notified time to time.

Is it mandatory to upload my PAN card?

It is not mandatory to upload your PAN card; however, you may be prompted to do so if you wish to purchase gold that is worth more than Rs. 200.

Why is KYC needed?

The safety and security of your gold is always our highest priority, and we are continuously working to improve these aspects. We have upgraded the DigiGold experience to prevent the misuse of your account or unauthorized access to your gold. This will ensure a much safer experience for you, while also allowing you to buy, sell or gift more gold than before.

What is the Purity of Gold offered under DigiGold?

DigiGold offers 24 Karat Gold of 999.0 purity (99.90% pure).

What are the various tenures available under DigiGold?

Customers are not obligated to make any fixed or periodic payments unless enrolled in a Gold Savings Plan or any SIP.

What is the minimum & maximum amount needed to buy gold on DigiGold?

The minimum amount of purchase is Rs.1/-. There is no limit on the maximum amount as long as KYC requirements are complied with. In the case of Gold Savings Plan or any SIP, for e.g. A customer has to invest in at least Rs.10/-on a daily basis Or as per SIP rolled out time to time .