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Beyond Ornamentation: 7 Surprising Uses of Gold

Majority of individuals don’t know what are the uses of gold, other than jewellery & saving. Gold has several industrial applications. It is used in electronics, dentistry, medicine, and is also a popular investment option.

Gold is a precious metal often used in jewellery and is considered a good investment option for the future. Most people know gold as a valuable commodity, but few know that it has a long history and also many other uses of gold. 

Gold has been a symbol of wealth for years in India. Most people consider it when they want to add a sense of status in a place of honor at a wedding or religious ceremony.
Gold is also associated with spiritual beliefs so many people treat it as an investment opportunity that works even if the economy is experiencing a downturn!

Let's explore the industries where gold is majorly used.

Aerospace industry

When the object is in space it goes through many harmful radiations & extreme heat. Continuous exposure to extreme radiation & heat can destroy equipment & machines inside. Gold’s property helps to avoid these things.

Gold is valued in aerospace technology because it effectively reflects radiation. Such as in satellites, gold foils help with thermal control and protect onboard instruments from the extreme temperatures of space.

To reduce glare and heat from sunlight, astronauts' visors(helmet) are coated with a very thin, transparent layer of gold (.000002 inches). Gold coatings are also applied on spaceships and satellites to deflect heat. Using gold in this way allows for a greater level of protection for those who are working or living in space.

Aerospace industry

Electronic industry

Gold is a great conductor of current, due to which it is widely used in electronics. Due to its very unique properties and its resistance to corrosion due to the naturally occurring gold oxide layer on the surface. Gold is also a very malleable, ductile and soft metal. 

Gold can conduct electricity without resistance and can be used in a variety of electrical contacts and electrical switches. Gold is used in computers, telephones, television and cars and also in telephone circuits, gold is used as a central conducting wire.

Electronics industry

Gold in food industry

Gold has a long history of being used in the food industry, dating back to ancient times. Gold leaf was often used to decorate cakes and other desserts, and it is still used today in some high-end restaurants. Gold flakes are also sometimes used as a decoration on top of food. 

In addition to its visual appeal, gold is also thought to have some health benefits. It is said to be a good detoxifier of the body and is often used in ayurvedic medicine. Some people also believe that gold can help to improve mental clarity and concentration.

Medical industry

Gold is often used in small amounts to treat a condition called lagophthalmos, where a person cannot close their eyes completely. This can be remedied by implanting a small amount of gold in the upper eyelid, which "weights" the eyelid down and allows gravity to do its work in closing the eyelid fully.

Radioactive gold is also used in diagnosis, as it can be injected into a colloidal solution and tracked as it passes through the body. Gold is also a popular choice of material, things that are made of gold like many surgical instruments, electronic equipment, and life-support devices.

Medical industry

Used in glass making 

Gold is used for plenty of purposes in the glass-making industry - one of which gives the glass a beautiful, rich ruby colour that is often used in the production of expensive decorative items like cranberry glasses or ‘Ruby Gold’ glasses. However, the most important use of gold in the glassmaking industry is to create speciality glasses for climate-controlled buildings. 

A gold-coated glass reflects solar radiation and helps keep buildings cool in the summer and reflects internal heat to keep the building warm in winter - making it a vital piece in regulating temperature and climate for these types of structures.

Gold in the automobile industry

Since the early days of the automotive industry, gold has played a role in the manufacture of vehicles. Ideally used in electrical components and wiring. It is also resistant to corrosion, making it a good choice for use in exposed areas such as engine compartments. 

In addition, gold is a relatively soft metal, making it easy to work with during manufacturing. In the automotive world, gold will continue to play a role in the industry for years to come.

Fun stat: The automobile industry consumes approximately 13% of the world's steel.

Automotive industry

Uses in the dental industry

Interestingly, gold was used in dentistry as far back as 700 B.C!

Gold is used in dentistry because it’s non-allergenic and soft, making it easy for dentists to shape into orthodontic moulds like.

  • Filling Tooth 
  • Crown
  • Bridge
  • Grills for teeth

Dental industry


These are the major industries where gold is utilized, other than the gems & jewellery industry. In future, the uses also tend to increase as the other industry grows. Therefore the demand for gold will also tend to grow in near future & in long term.

Therefore saving in the gold metal can be a great option for your financial portfolio. If you are looking to save then Digital Gold might be the best option, as it is safe, liquid & has its purest form.

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